LPG Filling Scale

LPG Filling Scale

Adopts high-quality weighing sensor and explosion-proof solenoid valve, combined with reliable hardware design and stable microcomputer control technology.

Main Features :

(1) The keys are complete, one key operation, and each function has an independent key correspondence, which avoids the complexity of combined key operation and memory. It is simple and easy to use, and can carry out conventional filling operation without special training.

(2) It adopts super large 7-inch color LCD with clear data display and complete items. It adopts outdoor UV proof high brightness LCD screen.

(3) Under the intelligent filling mode, the calculated target amount of residual gas can also be rounded quickly, and the filling station does not need change.

(4) Wireless communication (optional): the filling information can be wirelessly transmitted to the server in real time to monitor the filling process at the same time. The daily business data of the inflation point can be viewed and managed by using the desktop browser program or mobile app.

(5) Print small ticket (optional).

(6) Anti-cheating function design.