Fuel Dispensers


Relying on exquisite design, reasonable price, stable performance and excellent after-sales service, Hongyang fuel dispensers sell well throughout the countries and the products are exported to more than 50 countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East,Africa, Europe and South America. The company adopts advanced automation equipment with high precision in manufacturing and strictly in accordance with the regulations and national standards,100% of the products passed the factory inspection. Our fuel dispenser pumps have obtained a number of the explosion-proof and metrology certifications: ATEX, CE, MID, OIML, UL, etc. It adopts a variety of protocol modes, that is, it can be connected with Hongyang’s own FMS or with the general filling station system, which is convenient for customers to choose by themselves.


  • The app -Net Pump can be used to monitor and control the fuel dispenser after the GPRS data sending module is installed, and the fuel dispenser information and report can be viewed without other additional hardware.
  • Use the FMS (fuel management system) developed by Hongyang group to efficiently manage gas stations and implement market-oriented points and discount schemes,so as to attract more loyal customers.
  • The customized logo of the gas station can be placed on the bottom lock panel and top cover to enhance the brand awareness of the gas station.