Zhejiang hongyang machinery covers a wide range of products, providing traditional fuel dispenser series, IC card fuel dispenser series, vapor recovery fuel dispenser series. All the products can be customized according to different customers’ needs. We also specialize in developing new energy technology: LPG dispensers, LPG portable fuel device, CNG filling station integrated equipment, LNG dispensers, LNG cryogenic pump skid, LNG filling station integrated equipment. We actively respond to the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction and devote ourselves to the charging business.


Fuel Dispensers

Relying on exquisite design, reasonable price, stable performance and excellent after-sales service, Hongyang fuel dispensers sell well throughout the countries and the products are exported to more than 50 countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East,Africa, Europe and South America. The company adopts advanced automation equipment with high precision in manufacturing and strictly in accordance with the regulations and national standards,100% of the products passed the factory inspection.

EV Chargers

This product is compact in size and novel in design. It can be embedded in the wall to achieve zero occupation and has a decorative effect. Especially suitable for residential areas and most urban buildings.


LPG Filling Scale

Adopts high-quality weighing sensor and explosion-proof solenoid valve, combined with reliable hardware design and stable microcomputer control technology.

LPG Dispenser

The LPG dispenser adopts advanced design concept, simple operation, easy to user, humanized design; suitable for various types of filling stations, can serve both vehicle filling and home gas cylinder.